Cross Jewelry


      Our Christian Jewelry

      All our Christian jewelry, whether necklace, bracelet, earrings or even rings, are made of Stainless Steel so that they can resist water, shock and the wear and tear of time. If you are looking for one or more Christian jewels to add to your everyday look that little detail which will make the difference but above all which will help you reveal to the world your Faith in God and in our Lord Jesus -Christ you should strongly find your happiness within our collection of magnificent Christian Jewelry. There is something for every taste ! Our collection of Christian jewelry covers a wide range of different products, all in their own style and each more trendy than the next . Are you looking for elegant and discreet Christian jewelry? You will surely find what you are looking for thanks to our very feminine and sober Christian earrings and Christian bracelets. Are you looking for a statement, trendy piece of jewelry that won't leave anyone indifferent? No worries, our Christian necklaces as well as our very eye-catching rings and bracelets should really please you. Finally, gentlemen , you will also find what you are looking for in our collection of Christian Jewelry thanks to unisex models but also some more masculine ones!

      Christian Necklaces

      Looking for a new necklace bearing the image of our Lord Jesus Christ? Tired of necklaces that don't last, that aren't water resistant and that fall off after a few weeks or even a few days? Our collection of magnificent stainless steel Christian necklaces should really please you! You will inevitably find what you are looking for within this magnificent collection filled with necklaces, each more unique than the other, each in their respective style but all very trendy, unique and ultra elegant. All our Christian Necklaces have a chain made by hand and very resistant to shock, so if you drop it, don't be afraid, it will certainly not be broken! In addition, the length of the chain of the vast majority of our necklaces is a standard size of 45cm so that our necklaces do not reach you too high or too low. If you are looking for a new very flashy and trendy Christian necklace you should easily find what you are looking for within this magnificent collection, it will be the same if you are looking for an elegant , feminine, chic or even luxurious necklace, a large number of our Christian necklaces perfectly meet these characteristics and should greatly please you. Finally, if you are a man, gentlemen you are not left aside either in fact all our necklaces are unisex , and if you are looking for a necklace with a truly masculine design you should also very easily find your happiness within our collection of Christian Necklaces.

      Christian Bracelets

      Our collection of magnificent Christian Bracelets should greatly please you if you are looking for a new bracelet bearing the image of our Lord Jesus Christ , our bracelets are all more unique and trendy than each other and will add to your outfit this very elegant and original little touch which will enhance it. All our Christian bracelets are made by hand and in stainless steel so that they can accompany you for as long as possible, among these magnificent Christian Bracelets some stand out from the crowd because of their style and what they exude. The vast majority of our Christian Bracelets have a single size because they are 100% adjustable ! So, no need to bother measuring your wrist size or guessing the size that will suit you best, it's a considerable saving of time and energy for you and for us. In addition, once again the vast majority of our Christian Bracelets are available in several colors and for the same model, whether it is Gold, Silver or Rose Gold, one of these three flagship colors should necessarily please you and correspond to this. what to look for in terms of Christian Bracelets! Finally, these are all available at -25% with the promo code CHRIST25 which rewards people who have read this little paragraph, so take advantage of it!

      Christian Earrings

      If you are looking for new Earrings that will help you reveal your Faith in God and that will bring a breath of fresh air to your look, our collection of magnificent Christian Earrings should greatly please you thanks to the very elegant designs, feminine and trendy of the latter. All our earrings bearing the image of our Lord Jesus Christ are water and shock resistant and will not let you down after a week, be sure! Most of our Christian earrings are medium to small and discreet so that they don't look too Bling-Bling and don't disrupt your outfit either. Whether our Gold or Silver earrings, most of them once again have very luxurious and trendy small crystals to give them a little chic touch and which will serve as a finishing touch to truly make them truly exceptional jewelry. The majority of our earrings are on reduction at the moment so take advantage of it, finally we remind you that Delivery is 100% Free and Free everywhere in mainland France, here's one more reason to treat yourself with our Christian earrings, each one more elegant, cute and feminine than the last.

      Christian Rings

      If you are looking for one or more new elegant and trendy rings to bring a touch of novelty to your look which will at the same time help you reveal your Christian Faith, you should definitely find what you are looking for in our superb collection of Christian Rings. All our Christian rings are made of stainless steel so that they can easily resist the wear and tear of time and will not oxidize when you wear them. In terms of size, our Christian rings are either available in 1 single 100% adjustable size or in several different sizes, the sizes being Small = S = 52, Medium M = 54 and Large = L = 56. Our rings are the effigy of our Lord are all more original than the others, some have a fairly simple and basic design while others have a very original and elegant design which will not leave anyone indifferent at the sight of them, you will understand whatever style of ring you are looking for, you will inevitably find the shoe to suit you or rather the ring on your finger in our magnificent collection of Christian Rings!

      Christian rosaries

      Discover the sacred brilliance and timeless sophistication of Christian rosaries at MonBijouxDeRêve. Each rosary we offer is meticulously designed to combine spiritual tradition with refined aesthetics. The artisans we work with use their know-how to create unique pieces, combining high-quality materials with exquisite details . Whether you are looking for a traditional rosary or a modern interpretation of this sacred accessory, our collection offers an array of choices to meet your quest for spirituality. MonBijouxDeRêve rosaries embody the very essence of the Christian faith , combining symbolic beauty with remarkable quality. Delve into the depths of your belief with our unique rosaries , designed to accompany your spiritual journey with elegance and grace .

      Cross Jewelry

      All our jewelry displaying a cross bearing the image of our Lord Jesus Christ should please you very much. We are committed every day to continually improving your experience within our MonBijouxDeRêve store, whether in terms of after-sales service but also in the packaging and quality of the jewelry, which is crucial for us.

      As you will have understood, the store is constantly evolving and we would be delighted if you would accompany us in our perpetual evolution. Do not hesitate to visit our collections of Christian Necklaces, Christian Bracelets, Christian Earrings and Christian Rings daily in order to stay constantly close to the latest information and new jewelry. We offer you a little summary!

      - Are you looking for a Christian necklace, a Cross Necklace to reveal to the world your Faith in our Lord? This is happening on our collection of Christian necklaces !

      - Are you looking for a new pair of Christian earrings to add that little touch to your style that makes all the difference? Our collection of Christian earrings should really please you!

      - Are you looking for a Christian Bracelet to finalize your look and give it an elegant and meaningful touch? Our collection of Christian bracelets should greatly interest you!

      - Finally, you are looking for a new ring bearing the image of our Lord Jesus Christ with a unique and trendy design, you should find happiness in our collection of Christian rings .

      Christian Jewelry

      Welcome to our online Christian jewelry store, the Christian boutique, where you will discover an exceptional selection of Christian jewelry, from cross jewelry to Catholic jewelry . Our collection offers a diverse range of unique pieces that express faith and spirituality, while combining beauty and elegance.

      Cross jewelry takes center stage in our store, symbolizing the cross on which Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for humanity. Our cross jewelry collection features diverse designs, from simple, clean crosses to crosses adorned with exquisite details. Each piece is carefully designed to convey the deep meaning of the Christian faith and to be worn with pride.

      Our Christian jewelry store also offers a selection of Catholic jewelry that celebrates the symbols and teachings of the Catholic Church . From saint medals to rosaries, our Catholic jewelry is designed to inspire and strengthen spirituality. Each piece is made with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the beauty of Catholic tradition.

      At MonBijouxDeRêve , our Christian boutique, we understand the importance of finding quality Christian jewelry. That's why we carefully select each piece for its beauty and spiritual meaning. So come explore our Christian store, the perfect destination for unique Christian jewelry. From cross jewelry to Catholic jewelry , our collection combines aesthetic beauty with spiritual depth. Find the jewelry that expresses your faith and your Christian commitment, and wear it with pride. Trust our Christian jewelry store to offer you exceptional jewelry that will illuminate your daily life with the power of faith and the love of God.

      Cross necklace

      Welcome to MonBijouxDeRêve , where the cross becomes the ultimate symbol of faith and elegance in our exquisite collection of cross necklaces . Each of our necklaces is a perfect fusion of spiritual heritage and contemporary fashion, creating pieces that express the depth of belief with a refined touch .

      Our collection of cross necklaces offers a diversity of styles, from classic designs to modern interpretations, to suit all preferences. Each cross is meticulously crafted, using high-quality materials to ensure timeless elegance and exceptional durability.

      Whether you're looking for a delicate cross necklace for everyday wear or a more statement piece for special occasions, our jewelry captures the very essence of Christian spirituality . From simple, clean crosses to more intricate designs adorned with delicate details, each necklace tells a unique story of faith and style.

      At MonBijouxDeRêve , we believe that jewelry is not simply accessories, but personal expressions of belief. Find the cross necklace that resonates with your spirituality from us, and wear it with pride as a daily reminder of your spiritual commitment. Explore our collection now and discover how our cross necklaces can add a meaningful touch to your style and faith. Order from MonBijouxDeRêve to elegantly wear your connection with the divine.

      Cross Bracelet

      Discover the harmony between faith and style with the exceptional cross bracelets from MonBijouxDeRêve . Our collection of cross bracelets embodies spirituality in unique designs, offering an elegant way to express your daily Christian commitment. Each bracelet is carefully designed to combine the sacred symbolism of the cross with a modern and elegant aesthetic.

      Whether you opt for a clean, minimalist design or bracelets adorned with intricate details , our diverse selection has options for every taste. Each cross bracelet is made with high quality materials, ensuring durability and elegance . Wear them alone for a subtle statement or combine them to create a meaningful jewelry set.

      Our cross bracelets are not just accessories, but visual testimonies of your faith . Crosses, whether delicately inlaid or proudly displayed, add a sacred touch to your personal style. Whether you're looking for a bracelet for everyday use or for special occasions , our collection offers options that pair perfectly with any outfit.

      Discover the perfect balance between elegant and faith at MonBijouxDeRêve . Order today to find the cross bracelet that resonates with your spirituality and affirm your commitment in a way that is both intimate and elegant . Let our cross bracelets be a reflection of your deep connection with Christian spirituality .

      Cross ring

      Immerse yourself in the very essence of faith with the cross rings from MonBijouxDeRêve. Our collection of cross rings embodies the union of timeless spirituality and contemporary style, offering unique pieces that celebrate Christian belief with elegance and sophistication. Each ring is a personal statement of faith, designed to capture the very essence of your religious commitment.

      Whether you opt for an understated, delicate cross ring or a bolder piece adorned with sparkling gems, our diverse selection offers options for every taste and occasion. Each ring is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials , highlighting our commitment to artisanal excellence and sustainability.

      Our cross rings are much more than just accessories; they are powerful symbols of your spiritual connection with the Lord . Each cross embodies the deep meaning of faith , recalling the divine presence in every aspect of your life. Wear them proudly as a constant reminder of your commitment to your Christian belief and as a declaration of your spiritual heritage.

      Discover the timeless beauty and deep meaning of cross rings at MonBijouxDeRêve . Order today to find the ring that will complement your style and embody your spirituality with grace and elegance. Let our cross rings be a testament to your commitment to the Christian faith and your connection to something greater than yourself.

      Cross earrings

      Discover the perfect alliance of jewelry and Christian faith with the elegant cross earrings from MonBijouxDeRêve. Our collection of cross earrings offers a unique expression of spirituality, combining the sacred icon of the cross with a contemporary and refined design. Each pair of earrings is a statement of timeless elegance and personal conviction, offering a touch of divine grace to your everyday style.

      Whether you prefer understated , delicate earrings or bolder , attention-grabbing pieces, our collection offers a variety of styles to suit every taste. Each pair is carefully crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and shine.

      Our cross earrings are more than just accessories; they are powerful symbols of your spiritual commitment. By wearing these earrings, you affirm your faith with elegance and subtlety, recalling the constant presence of spirituality in your daily life.

      Discover the beauty and meaning of cross earrings at MonBijouxDeRêve. Order today to find the perfect pair that will complement your style and add a touch of spirituality to your appearance. Let our cross earrings be a reflection of your commitment to the Christian faith and your connection to something greater than yourself.


      Immerse yourself in a deep spiritual experience with the exquisite rosaries from MonBijouxDeRêve. Our rosary collection is much more than just a series of beads; each piece embodies devotion, elegance and Christian tradition. Made with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our rosaries offer a meaningful way to cultivate your faith and find inner peace.

      Whether you're looking for a classic rosary for your daily prayers or a more contemporary design for a modern twist, our collection offers a variety of styles and materials to meet your spiritual and aesthetic needs. Each rosary is designed to accompany you on your prayer journey, providing a deep and reflective meditation experience.

      Our rosaries are adorned with elegant crosses and carefully selected beads, creating pieces that capture the timeless beauty of the Christian faith. Whether you wear them around your neck or keep them close in your bag or pocket, our rosaries are a constant reminder of the comforting presence of spirituality in your life.

      Discover the serenity and spiritual connection offered by MonBijouxDeRêve rosaries. Order today to find the perfect rosary that will nourish your soul and enrich your religious practice. Let our rosaries guide you in prayer and remind you of the power of faith in your daily life.