chapelet chrétien jérusalem
chapelet chrétien jérusalem
chapelet chrétien jérusalem
chapelet chrétien jérusalem

Christian Rosary Jerusalem

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  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Free delivery.
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This magnificent Christian Jerusalem Rosary will help you every day if God wants it

  • Impeccable quality and ultra-detailed finishes
  • Available in Gold and Silver color
  • An object close to the hearts of all Catholics
  • High quality shock resistant chain
  • Chain length: 70cm
  • For optimal maintenance, do not come into contact with certain strong soaps.
  • Do not hesitate to go and have it blessed at the Church
  • 100% Free Delivery

If you are looking for a new rosary, this magnificent Jerusalem Christian Rosary and its beautiful golden or silver colored beads should be of great interest to you because it is a real everyday gift for every Catholic Christian, obviously we highly recommend you to go and have him blessed at the Church like all your Christian jewelry.

Otherwise, you can also return to find all the rest of our Christian jewelry in our Christian Jewelry collection .

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To keep your jewelry in ideal condition for as long as possible, we advise you to remove it before showering or swimming, particularly because of certain soaps and chlorine which can be harmful to the jewelry. Loving a piece of jewelry also means taking care of it, so don't hesitate to keep it away from water and environments harmful to it.