L'histoire de Saint Carlo Acutis

The story of Saint Carlo Acutis

Saint Carlo Acutis, beatified in 2020 and canonized in 2022, is an inspiring model of holiness for our time. Born in 1991 and died in 2006, Carlo Acutis lived a short life but marked by deep faith, a passion for the Eucharist and an innovative use of technology to evangelize. His story and life testimony resonate particularly with young people and Catholics around the world, demonstrating that holiness is accessible even in the modern context.

The story of Saint Carlo Acutis

I- The Early Years of Carlo Acutis:

Carlo Acutis was born in London on May 3, 1991, into an Italian family. Shortly after his birth, his family returned to Italy, where he grew up in Milan. From a young age, Carlo demonstrated exceptional spirituality. At age seven, he received his first communion and developed a particular devotion to the Eucharist, which he called "my highway to heaven."

II- A Life of Faith and Charity:

Carlo Acutis stands out for his intense life of faith and his commitment to others. He attends mass daily, prays the rosary, and spends long periods of time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. In addition to his religious devotion, Carlo is known for his kindness and concern for others, especially the poor and marginalized. He uses his pocket money to buy sleeping bags for the homeless and often offers help to his classmates.

The story of Saint Carlo Acutis

III- Evangelization Through Technology:

Carlo Acutis is also notable for his innovative use of technology for evangelism. Passionate about computers, he taught himself programming and used his skills to create a website dedicated to Eucharistic miracles. Its goal is to share the beauty and truth of the Eucharist with the whole world. This project, which identifies and documents Eucharistic miracles recognized by the Church, attracts international attention and becomes a valuable tool for catechesis.

IV- Illness and Beatification:

At the age of 15, Carlo Acutis was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia. He offers his sufferings for the pope and the Church, accepting his illness with unwavering faith. Carlo died on October 12, 2006 in Monza, Italy. His beatification, proclaimed on October 10, 2020 by Pope Francis, recognizes the holiness of his life and the depth of his faith. In 2022, Carlo is canonized, becoming Saint Carlo Acutis, the first "millennial saint" and a patron of the digital age.

The story of Saint Carlo Acutis

V- The Spiritual Heritage of Saint Carlo Acutis:

Saint Carlo Acutis leaves a powerful spiritual legacy. It demonstrates that holiness is accessible to all, even young people, and that technology can be used for the good and glory of God. His example encourages Catholics to embrace their faith with joy and share the Gospel in creative and contemporary ways.

VI- The Impact of Saint Carlo Acutis on Young People:

Saint Carlo Acutis is particularly venerated by young people, who see in him a model close to their own life experience. Its ability to combine a fervent faith with the use of modern technologies inspires young people to live their faith in an authentic and dynamic way. Parishes and Catholic schools around the world look to his example to teach young people the importance of the Eucharist and charity.

The story of Saint Carlo Acutis

Conclusion :

Saint Carlo Acutis is a witness of faith for our times, illustrating that holiness is attainable even in the modern world. Through his devotion to the Eucharist, his innovative use of technology to evangelize, and his love for others, he shows the path to a life devoted to God. May his example continue to inspire and guide the faithful of all ages, especially young people, to live a life of faith, charity and creativity.